Convex washi fabric "ROOT"

"ROOT" is a convex and concave Washi fabric that can be mass-produced while pretending to be accidental.

The material is made of silk and Washi. This textile was created in collaboration with Tamiya Orimono, located in the Tango region of northern Kyoto, which has a history of over 1300 years as a traditional silk weaving center.


The inspiration for this textile came from an encounter with a large cedar tree, said to be the tallest in Japan, over 800 years old and over 60 meters high. I wanted to create this majestic trunk!

I thought a lot about how I could express the emotion I felt when I met him.


Then, with the image of the trunk growing more and more, I freely pasted the cut Washi together.

As a result, it was too thick to be woven on a loom alone, so special weaving was done with the assistance of human hands.


Then, I mindlessly rubbed the beautifully woven fabric to make it crumple. The rubbing makes it three-dimensional, gives it a sense of dynamism, and enriches the scenery.


Origin of the "root" in the name of the work

I was standing in front of a large tree, looking up at it, and when I looked down at its roots, I saw powerful roots stretching across the earth, as if they were about to start moving.At that moment, I thought the obvious: "That's why there are big trees because of their strong roots.

It was named after the thought of trusting myself to judge and decide what is right.


The convex and concave washi fabric "root" is a very strong material and can be washed. It is also washable. Since it can be made to any length, you can make all sorts of things depending on your ideas.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the contact page.