Imitation leather

Gikakushi is a type of paper that resembles leather, which is generally believed to have been first manufactured in 1684. However, our Gikakushi is not a paper that resembles leather, but a washi that we created purely out of our desire to "make cool washi".


By combining the various techniques of artisans with 100% Kozo (paper mulberry), we have been able to create a paper that has characteristics that go beyond the norm: it does not fade when wet, it does not tear, it can be sewn, and it is tougher and more durable than leather. We have been working on the development of this material since 2014 in order to propose it not only as paper, but also as a material that can be used in fashion and interior design just like cloth and leather.ヤブレナイワシウルシ5・ベージュ

The taste created by Washi, lacquer, and persimmon tannin. The surface of lacquer is hard and does not scratch. It is much stronger than leather, which is easily scratched.

The expression created by Washi, silver foil, and indigo dyeing.


The most distinctive feature of our fake leather paper is its scenery. We believe that there is nothing better than the beauty of nature, so we do not put our techniques in the foreground, but rather cherish the natural scenery that is created as a result of randomly moving our hands and immersing ourselves in the work.


Lacquer dyeing process.

Applying foil to washi.

It is 100% indigo dyed. The special coating prevents the color from fading.


The entire process is done by hand. The colors and tones vary according to the four seasons and climate, so the craftsmen's senses, experience, and skills come into play.

It is not an industrial product that is in the best condition when it is completed, but it develops a better color and atmosphere as it ages with the user after it is completed.

Each of these papers has its own personality and is alive. I believe this is a characteristic that only natural materials have.