All Black Washi Accessories

Hello. I'm HIROYA, a Washi artist.

Today was blog update day, so I'm writing this in a hurry. So I'm writing as I think of it without worrying about typos.

Today, I would like to talk about my all black washi paper accessories. There are only three pieces in this series: a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet.


Personally, I like black the best. For some reason, I feel at ease when I wear black. I wear black all year round. No matter how hot it is.

And just like my clothes, I have been shaving my head for a long time. The only thing I don't like about it is the shape of my head (I am often complimented on the shape of my head). For some reason, I feel most comfortable with a shaved head.

I can cut it myself, so it's easy to do whenever I want, and even in the middle of winter, I can save time by getting out of the bath and quickly going back and forth with a bath towel to dry it completely. You don't have to worry about styling your hair in the morning, and it saves you a lot of money, which is a good thing.

(By the way, we don't handle hair clippers.) How about some home time?

Now, back to the topic at hand.

That's why I made my favorite black-only accessory, just so I could wear it too.

A black Swarovski crystal is embedded in a black dyed Washi ball.

This is not a type of glue that melts with heat and comes off when you hit it, but a cone-shaped Swarovski embedded in a cone, so it is very strong and you don't have to worry about it coming off.

I think the black x black of the matte Washi paper with the glittering Swarovski is cool. Sometimes it is wiped off with a poof to say that there is water on it, but...

(It may be obvious, but most of the time, people who like black buy our products.

真っ黒な耳飾り 1662

By the way, the earrings are a long design, but if you would like me to reduce the metal parts and make them a little shorter, please feel free to let me know. I have had to reduce one or two metal parts several times. Similarly, please feel free to ask us for the size of your necklace or bracelet.


Washi is hand-dyed by myself. Even though black is black, I am particular about it. When I dye with black dyes sold on the market, the color fades very fast even if I stop the color. So I mix CMYK dyes in 0.1g increments by myself and dye them. This is a reddish black, not a blueish black.

I always wear black clothes, but I really like colorful ones too.

In junior high school, I liked bright pink and leopard, and in high school I liked red. I don't remember why I liked those colors anymore, but there must have been a reason. Maybe it was because they were trendy, or maybe it was because they weren't trendy.

As an adult, I noticed that there were certain colors that caught my attention at different times, and I learned that these colors were closely connected to the environment and mood I was in at the time.

I'm currently reading a book that has sparked my interest in the power and history of colors and shapes.

It didn't really lead to a story about all-black washi accessories, but I thought it was good enough and that was the end of it.

Kyoto Imperial Palace.

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