What is Washi?

Washi(Japanese paper) is a type of paper unique to Japan that has been handed down since ancient times. There are two types of washi: handmade, made mainly from ligneous fibers such as kozo, mitsumata, and gampi; and machine-made, made mainly from fibers such as used paper, wood pulp, rag, and Manila hemp. Handmade Japanese paper is a sustainable, natural material that is both human- and earth-friendly, and is a strong paper with long, intertwined fibers.



What are Washi accessories?

It refers to accessories made from handmade Japanese paper made from Kozo, a natural blessing of nature. It is made with our original three-dimensional molding technique "Patent Pending (JP 2022-092726)". It is characterized by its lightness so that you forget you are wearing it, the pleasant texture and rustic warmth of natural materials, its resistance to water, its very durability and long use, and its freedom from preconceived notions.


Why is it okay to get wet with water or sweat?

This is because it has a unique special coating that is resistant to water and sweat, as well as waterproof, oil-repellent, and stain-resistant coatings. So you can use it safely in a variety of situations from daily life to dress-up.


Isn't it difficult to take care of?

To clean the product, wipe it gently with a soft, dry cloth and let it dry naturally when it gets wet with water or rain, during the sweating season, or when it comes in direct contact with the skin for a long time. For heavily soiled areas, dampen a cloth and wipe with a light patting motion.To ensure the longevity of your jewelry, avoid wearing it while bathing or exercising, and wear it after applying perfume or hairspray. When not in use, please keep it in the box provided. You can take care of it the same way you take care of any other accessory, and there is nothing difficult about it because it is Washi.


About accessories


All accessories come with an instruction manual and a cleaning cloth in addition to the product.



Only the product manual is included.


About wrapping 



All accessories are delivered in a zip case, wrapped in Washi, and placed in a box. The box is made of beautifully textured white washi with the logo printed in gold foil. Washi has a moisture control function, so it can also be used as a box for other things besides accessories.

For gifts, a ribbon is provided. A glossy black handbag is also available for hand delivery. Please indicate your preference in the remarks column when placing your order. 



Washi apples are delivered in a cake box like a sweet treat.
For other goods, there is currently no dedicated box. They will be wrapped in an air cap and delivered in a cardboard envelope.


About Metals

The metals used in our products are mainly brass, medical stainless steel, and titanium. The metals used are different depending on the product, so please check the material of each product for details.



Most brass is gold plated or rhodium plated.The plating does not use nickel, which is said to cause allergies (except in some cases).

Medical stainless steel and titanium are used in their bare form.



Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.All images are in unplated brass.(1) and (2) are new, but the color is different. As the percentage of zinc increases, the color takes on a yellowish tinge, and as it decreases, it takes on a reddish tinge.

The color of brass varies depending on the timing of purchase, as it is basically designed to be plated and used. However, we feel that this is one of the most interesting aspects of brass. For this reason, some of our brass products are not plated at all, as they are designed to take advantage of the texture of brass.

(3) looks like the 7-year aging of (2).Over time, unplated brass reacts with various components to become tarnished, giving it a subdued coin-like color.

Regardless of whether it is plated or not, if the metal is left uncared for, it may develop a rust called greenish blue on the surface, which can be removed by wiping.

For cleaning, please do not use commercial chemicals or silver cloth as it may cause the plating to peel off. Also, please be aware that the blackened brass may stick to your skin or clothes over time.


Titanium (Ti)

It has the same level of corrosion resistance as platinum, and since it does not cause metal allergies, it is used as an artificial bone, artificial tooth root, and artificial joint.


About aging


Natural washi accessories also change over time as they are used for a long time. The black part of the necklace in the image is washi, and the shiny part with patterns is silver foil that has been baked and discolored, and the patterns are different for each. The metal is bare brass.

(1) and (2) are new, and (3) looks like a 7-year old version of (2).

Both the washi and the brass are showing changes.The black washi (③) has been tarnished by the sun. The brass is also tarnished (for details, please refer to the item one above, "About metals").The silver foil is originally burned and discolored, so you cannot see much change.


Replacement of metal fittings

If you are allergic to metal, or if you have a preferred metal, please feel free to let us know your preference on the CONTACT page.


About Shipping

Shipping costs are shown on each product page.

Japan domestic

Free shipping is available for purchases of 11,000 yen or more including tax. The accessories will be shipped by Yamato Transport. If you have a preference for delivery date and time, please enter your preferred date and time in the remarks column when placing your order.You can choose from the following time zones: Morning, 14-16, 16-18, 18-20, and 19-21.For small items other than accessories, the delivery is via Japan Post's Click Post (post box). Please note that you cannot specify the delivery date and time for Click Post.


A shipping fee will be charged regardless of the amount of your purchase. The shipping fee depends on the weight of the package and the shipping method: UPS, DHL, FedEx, or EMS.