Necklace of vinyl tubes and washi pearls 1922

Hello everyone. I am Hiroya, a Washi artist.

Today I would like to talk about a vinyl tube necklace that I made from a slightly different perspective from others.

It is made of white washi paper in its original color and washi pearls, with red Kyo Temari thread as an accent.


At the time this necklace was made, accessories using metal pipe parts were booming. I have no idea why it would be a boom, since it is a standard part that is used every year, but it was popular at the time.

I'm an innocent person and I hate fads. Because everyone else has it! And I have zero interest in the idea of Or rather, I am a "nothing" type of person who has no zero.So when I made the tube necklace, I didn't dislike pipe parts, but I didn't want to use them.

At that time, I happened to see a vinyl tube at a home improvement center and thought it looked like a pipe part and was transparent, which I thought was more interesting. As a result, the vinyl tube was lighter and more comfortable to wear than the metal tube.

To see and feel things with awareness of our senses, the things we use on a daily basis, and the unconscious realm, and to see and feel things a little differently.

These are the things I pay attention to in my daily life.

I want something because everyone else has it!This was a story about a necklace that is extremely unsuitable for those who think it is a good idea.

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