Spring-like pink and orange Washi paper accessories.


After the first day of spring, Kyoto is becoming more and more spring-like day by day.The smells and warmth make me feel excited.I really want to concentrate on production with my excitement, but I am in a dilemma because I also have to do my family work.I have no choice but to do it while using my finite time as carefully as possible.


Now, let's talk a little about accessories.Most of what I wear and make is basically black, which I love, but sometimes I make colored items.

That is what I would like to introduce this time, the "Morning Sunrise" series.I used my favorite color combination of pink and orange.Other favorite color combinations are pink and blue, pink and yellow, pink and emerald green, and so on.I genuinely love colors, so any combination is fine.

In this morning glow series, the metal fittings are left as bare brass without plating on purpose. This gives it a calm and dull shimmer.However, the lack of plating makes it easier for rust called "green-blue" to form when exposed to sweat and air. However, the greenish-blue can be removed by wiping, and above all, it will change over time with the user, giving it an interesting appearance.


This series also includes earrings, so you can enjoy coordinating them.The unique look and color of washi paper and its light weight make it comfortable to wear.It is also easy on the body, so you can enjoy a spring outing with a light step.

手染めした和紙I hope we can make lots of Washi paper accessories that make people's hearts flutter with excitement!
I'll do my best!

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