Notice of Sold Out

Hello everyone. I am Hiroya, a Washi artist. Today, I would like to inform you about the sell-out of Washi brooches and the plan to resell them. Thanks to your support, the largest size of the 1924 series brooches has been well received and we have sold out of the red and gold.

The original coating on the brooch makes it water and sweat resistant, and despite its presence, the size and simple design make it easy to use and match with other materials. Recommended for clothes, hats, and bags.

真っ赤なブローチ 1924
ゴールドブローチ 1924

They can also be worn in different sizes and are popular as gifts for men and women of all ages. They are also often used as gifts for people in Europe and North America.

I myself love to wear the largest size, red and gold. I don't know how to say it myself, but I often get compliments on them, and every time I get compliments, I get excited in my heart.

The popular 1924 series brooches have been produced every time they sell out, but now that we have used up all of the materials used for the exclusive brooches, the next brooch will be produced completely from scratch.

Next time, I intend to revisit the series to see if I can make it even more advanced.

It will take some time, but we will make it again, so please do not hesitate to wait. We have not yet decided when the product will be available for sale. It will be when we are in the mood for various elements.


We still have medium and small sizes in stock, so please consider those as well.

This is the end for today.

Today is my daughter's swimming school day, so I am going to pick her up now. My stance is to refresh myself by watching my daughter enjoy herself and work hard there, and then go back to work when it is over.

Today is already the end of August. There are 122 days left in this year. It goes by so fast. I am feeling impatient as I write this.

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