Washi accessories "Modern Color Scheme" series.

Hello. Today I would like to write about modern accessories made of Washi.

This series is made in a modern color scheme of red, black, gold and pearls. It consists of necklaces, brooches, and single earring. This series gives a rather unique impression and is often purchased by people who have their own style.


I especially love the combination of red and black! When I think of red and black, the first thing that comes to mind is ladybugs! I can't wait to find a ladybug in the park! It's such a modern color scheme, but doesn't it have an indescribable cuteness to it?

I imagine that the polka-dot pattern and the cylindrical shape of the animal give it an indescribably cute appearance, and I can't help but catch it and stare at it.

I remember reading in a book that there are many things that the combination of red and black can evoke, but what I want to say most is "toxicity". Insects wear poisonous red and black to protect themselves, saying, "It's not poisonous, but it looks poisonous, and even if you eat me, it won't taste good.

It must be a rule, or a custom, or a way of life unique to the insect world. From my point of view, though, I wonder how modern and stylish they are.

So I'm going to turn this series into "Ladybug" now.
Now, as usual, I've jumped the gun, but this "Ladybug" series brooch in particular has become a popular item not only in Japan, but also overseas.

I usually keep the largest black and gold brooch on my backpack, but it seems to attract a lot of attention and I am often approached by people.

I know there are many types of creators, but I am not good at recommending my own creations.

I think they are undoubtedly durable, easy to use, and light enough not to damage the material they are worn on, which is all good things. But I feel a little embarrassed when I recommend my own works, though I can recommend my friends' works very well and clearly. So I'm not good at customer service.

Also, I've jumped the gun, but the gold in this series is the same gold leaf used for Buddhist statues. Which is attached with glue and then scraped off at random. There is no thought of my own there. The rich expression that comes from this process is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

However, gilding is almost the final step, so if you fail, it's over.

So, I am very nervous about working. I don't work when I'm not in the mood or when I'm thinking or worrying about something. Or rather, I can't. This is because I know that when I am in such a state, I will not be able to produce anything worthwhile.

So I hope that you will enjoy the individuality that is born from this tension.

And for brooches and earrings, there are four sizes available in red, black and gold, and pearl, although the sizes are not common. For example, it is wonderful to combine different colors and sizes. Depending on where you wear it, the distance and angle, the way it looks and coordinates will change, making it a moderately versatile item.

Earrings are sold not as a pair, but as a single piece. The reason for this is the same as above: different colors and sizes change the way you enjoy wearing them (and selling them individually helps me because I can make only half as many). That's why I'm selling them by the piece.

This is how it is, but if it can help those who wear it, I think it's worth it. Really.

If you have any questions or concerns about Washi accessories, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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