Washi paper ring earrings & clip-on earrings

Hello everyone. This is Hiroya, a washi artist.

It is raining again today in Kyoto. This morning, though, I was able to see the sunrise for the first time in a while. The shadows stretched in one corner of the room and the light reflecting off the buildings in the distance were very beautiful.

Is the summer-like weather already over? Even in Kyoto, a city close to us, there have been an increasing number of disasters caused by heavy rains. The other day, the evacuation alarm on my smartphone was beeping frequently. There is no better time to be careful.

Now, let me change my mind and talk about Washi paper accessories today.


These are Washi paper circle earrings and earrings that are not available in the online store. This is the 7th accessory that the brand started, and we have been making them for a long time. There are many people around the world who love rings, and we have continued to make improvements each time we sell out.


We tried color variations, half pearlized designs, and a variety of sizes. There were sometimes as many as 10 different colors.

The smaller sizes were easy to wear and sold well to casual fashionistas. The larger sizes sold well to people with short hair, bobs, and foreheads. For overseas customers, more than 90% of the sales were for large sizes. I thought it was interesting to see how national characteristics could be expressed in such things while serving customers.

All pearlescent ones are sold out now, and only plain red, yellow, green, blue, and purple are in stock. 4,000 yen per pair. Please e-mail me if you are interested.
That's all for the accessories blog.

From here on, it's a diary.I have the nature to pursue one thing, but at the same time, I am also bored. I wonder how it would feel to make the same thing all the time, no matter how much it sells.
To be honest, I often don't know myself what is right. But it is usually resolved by my intuition at the time or by continuing to think about it until I get an answer.
After all, the answer to your problems and doubts, the answer is inside you from the beginning. I believe that there are no more worries, hesitations, or answers than in my own body. Because even if you think about the universe and indulge in contemplation, in the end it is in your own head that you are thinking.
In short, human beings are tiny in the eyes of the universe. Even if I hit my little toe on the corner of the wardrobe today and scream (I didn't hit it, but there is still a possibility that I will do so in the rest of the day), it doesn't matter from their point of view. If I look for an umbrella on the Internet and think I can't tell the difference (and I mean it), it doesn't matter to the universe.

What is important to me is not important to others.

What is important to others is not important to me.

Therefore, I want to be honest and truthful with myself, open myself up, and live freely without being too obsessed. I always think it is amazing that children are able to do these things normally.

So the nursery is my place to recharge my batteries.

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