Hello, my name is Hiroya Nakamura.

Today I would like to talk about "washi apples" instead of accessories. Like accessories, they are coated, light, flexible, and strong. The washi apples are called "kawaii" by men and women of all ages.

Some colors are not apple-like.

But before we get into that....

Do you like apples?

I like apples that are crunchy and a little sweet and sour. By the way, we received a pesticide-free apple the other day. I ate the whole skin, but it was so delicious that my daughter ate the most. In this kind of situation, the father is in the position of taking or giving away the leftovers. I wonder if this is the case in every family.

So, back to the story of Washi apples... Why apples?

Accessories have some kind of theme or concept first, and then I design and make them from there, but washi apples, well, why did I do that?

The theme is "apples" no matter how you look at it, and even if you were to say, "This theme is 'Sazae-san'!" Even if you say, "What? Is the Isono family going to come out? And if you say the concept is "Adam and Eve," I'll say, "That's exactly what it is! I mean, is that a deep idea or a shallow one?

Therefore, there is no theme or concept regarding Washi apples.

Washi apple and Washi caterpillar

However, one thing that comes to mind is that both my children and I love to read picture books, and we read a lot of them every day, but it seems that most of the fruits in picture books are apples, or is it my imagination?

But when you think about it, apples are not only used in picture books, they are also used in many other things, like Apple apples. There must be a reason for this.

I'm sure that other fruits also have their own meanings and roles, but the fact that there are many myths and legends associated with apples for humans may also play a part. It brought back memories of reading the picture book while thinking about all these things.

So maybe I was caught in some kind of consciousness somewhere. Yeah, I'm sure, yeah, let's put it that way.


Palm-sized washi apple

Now, it is a Washi apple, but it can also be used as a small container since there is space inside. The size is about the same as a real apple.

The best thing to do is to keep it within reach of your desk, put candy or chocolate in it, and rummage through it when you get hungry. You can also place it in your entryway like an object. It will surely be a topic of conversation when you have guests over.


The material is made of 100% Kozo paper, and the coating is paint. I wondered if paint would be easy to apply to washi paper, and when I tried it, I found that it was. I liked the unique feeling of the paint, so I decided to use paint.

Then I decided to make the washi apples look like sweets, so I decided to present them in a cake box. This may be a bit of a grandiose package that goes against the grain in this age of environmentalism, but since the customers seem to be enjoying it, I think it's okay. Our stance is to make only what is needed, not to mass produce an oversupply.


I think it's a very good thing that people's hearts are excited, and above all, smiling is good. Smiling doesn't make you look bad, does it?

There were times when girls in the upper grades of elementary school or junior high school bought them with their mothers, and it was a wonderful scene of parents and children smiling and excited together.

Where there is smiling, there is smiling, and excitement is born and amplified. I would like to see a human society like that. I think it's a very simple thing. I think it's very simple, but I wonder if it's difficult for the people at the top.

Today, we talked about washi apples, which are part of such social formation.

It's too big a story.

Well, Kazuo Inamori said to conceive optimistically, plan pessimistically, and execute optimistically, so I guess this is just fine.

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