Washi accessories " Universe” series.


Today I would like to write about the universe series of Washi accessories. Colorful but chic, there are necklaces, earrings, and a brooch. Of course, the handmade coating makes them resistant to water and sweat.

I can't name it in a cool way like the other artists. I specialize in Japanese, and I'm not good at Japanese words.

When I was in high school, I always scored over 90 points in my English tests, but in practice, I shudder and can't use it at all. So, I want my daughter to have English conversation skills that she can use in practice, so I'm looking at different classes. Speaking English is going to become more and more the standard in the future, so I'm thinking of relearning it from scratch with her.

That's how I came up with this series of accessories for the Universe series... I love to look at the sky. Blue sky, cloudy sky, rainy sky, night sky... I love all kinds of sky.

From clear skies with no clouds to cloudy skies with nothing but clouds, there are many different skies and colors. And it's always moving, isn't it? They keep moving, changing their shapes and forms. Clouds that were there just a moment ago are now moving in a different direction. It's already gone that far. I'm sure you've seen it before.

I'm in a hurry to write this blog, thinking, "Today is the day I have to update my blog!

I'm in a hurry to write this blog (I'm aiming to update it on the 10th, 20th and 30th).

So I left all my work behind and am now typing away while listening to the sound of water flowing only.

I read in the book I'm currently reading, "Joyful, a book to improve your sensitivity," that just by putting flowers and plants in a room, or listening to colors and sounds that make you feel nature, people will subconsciously feel more comfortable and concentrate more.

This book was so interesting and I've decided that it will go to the bookshelf corner for my daughter to read. I am a person who believes that there is an unconscious world of people, and reading this book, I was sure of it.

Unconsciousness... actually leads to the story of the birth of the universe series.

This series was created in 2017.

As I was looking up at the blue sky as usual, I suddenly thought. "The blue sky is blue, but what happens beyond that? What color is it? I thought.

Then, after thinking a lot from what little knowledge I had, I thought, "If it goes through the blue sky, it's space.

At that moment, I was reminded of my unconscious world "I think I know." I thought, "Oops. I thought, "Man, I'm assuming that everything I see is everything. As a person who wants to be able to see things from the front as well as the back, and to be able to see things from 360° at a moment's notice if possible, I had forgotten that and unconsciously assumed that the blue sky was blue.

The sky, which is far beyond the sky, eventually leads to outer space, which I have only seen in pictures and videos.

I wonder what space looks like in pictures and videos, though it is pitch black and black. Do you want to go to the universe? I would like to go there. I wonder if one day ordinary people will be able to go to space. The world has become so high-tech that I wonder if spaceships will be built in the near future.

This is why I created the Space series, thinking about space from the blue sky.

Hmm? Perhaps naming the series "Blue Sky" would be more appealing to customers than "Space"? It's like space! I was told, "It is space! That's it! That's it! It's like space! I said, "Yes, it is! Actually... this is how it came to be! I wonder if it would have been better to say, "Yes, it is!
Oh, naming is difficult.

By the way, the colorful glitter on the universe ball is 8 colors of silver foil randomly mixed together. We have been working with the basic idea that "there is nothing better than the beauty of nature," and we assumed that the only way to get closer to nature, which has no choice but to live and reproduce hard, is to create it 100% randomly.

And each grain that is born is completely random except for its round form. A collection of complete randomness can be formed as randomness. I can't beat nature, but I think I've gotten a little closer to it. I can't beat nature, but I think I've gotten a little closer to nature in these works.

I don't use traditional techniques, but rather my own ideas and techniques, so there are some difficulties, but this series is always fun to make.

One grain may have a lot of black washi left on it, and another may be covered in glitter, but no matter what the grain is, it is not a failure, it is a personality. Some grains are plain, some are flashy. When they come together to form a single work of art, they harmonize beautifully and are always beautiful to look at.

It was a story about these microcosmic accessories.

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