Washi accessory "Morning glow" series

Hello, it's cold every day. In such cold weather, I would like to talk about the "Morning glow" series of warm Washi accessories. This series consists of necklaces and earrings that simply express the color of the morning glow, which is full of power, and which I love to look at often.

Morning glows and sunsets are beautiful, aren't they? There are beautiful gradations of pink, orange, golden, purple, grayish blue, and so many other colors that you can't tell what color they are.

One morning, there was a gradation of pink and orange in the morning glow, and I thought to myself, "I'd like to dye the sky this color. I thought I should have taken a picture of it later, but the sky was changing every moment, and I missed the chance to take a picture while I was just gazing at it.


But I didn't care about that, and decided to make a morning glow series. 

So, it was back to the usual trial and error.

Up until now, I had basically dyed one washi ball in one color and combined it with other colors, but I wondered what I should do about dyeing two colors in one grain, since the dyeing process is completely different.

If I blurred the colors as if I were painting, it would look like I was blurring the colors, which I thought was not natural and not a morning glow, so I deliberately placed some washi balls wet with water at random, dipped my brush in the dye and let it fly, and when it hit the washi balls, they were dyed.

This method is very interesting and the result is beautiful, but it is not easy to hit the washi balls that I place.

So I finally settled on the method of using an eyedropper to skip or quickly dipping it in the dyeing liquid.

It may be hard to tell, but it is dyed in a gradation from pink to orange (except for some products).


It is a Washi accessory full of power that blends well with the skin and makes your face look gorgeous.

The metal fittings are also made of no plated brass, which will change over time.

These necklaces and earrings are well coated, so you can use them for a long time, and above all, they are so light that you will forget you are wearing them.


Morning glow one day

That said, I feel like I hear the word "sunset" used more often than "morning glow," but is it my imagination? I wonder why. There are many nursery rhymes related to sunsets, but you don't hear many related to morning glow. I wonder why. Is it because sunsets make you feel tired for the day? Or is it because it is somehow sad?

The morning glow is full of power! I feel like I'm going to work hard all day. Seeing the sunset (except for those who work at night) doesn't make you want to work hard for the rest of the day, does it? It's too late to start the engine. I wonder if people like twilight better.

For me, morning glow is definitely better. There's still plenty of time and I'm full of motivation. In the evening, I'm tired, hungry, and don't have much time left.


Morning glow of another day

So, I'm up early. I already feel like an old man. I thought that if I had experienced being a grandpa before I became a grandpa, I would feel the same as always, instead of getting older and thinking, "Oh, I'm a grandpa now.

That's how my day starts, by waking up early.
I wake up early, drink hot water and coffee.

I wake up early, drink hot water and coffee, and do some thinking and work in the silence.

If you drink a cup of hot water when your stomach is empty, you can really feel it reaching your stomach through your esophagus. When you feel the hot waterr flowing down your stomach, you will realize that you are alive.

This is the moment when I think I'm going to do my best for the day. I don't know why, but it makes me work hard or be kind to myself, so I recommend this.

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I'd like to talk about the "Morning Glow" series of Washi accessories that are full of power. That's all.

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