Washi brooch is completed!

Today, continuing from my last blog, I would like to talk about the completion of the Japanese paper brooch I was working on.Last time, we were in the process of applying a firm coating and allowing it to dry slowly.After that, I worked on applying gold leaf to the black brooch. I am relieved that the foil turned out well.Here is the finished product.


All have different expressions.When designing the foil application, once I have a vague idea of what I want to do, I just let my hands do the rest, in a good sense of the word. The reason why it is better to be so carefree is because if you try to follow the image, too much artifice will come out.

Therefore, when applying the foil, I proceed with a bold approach to give the work a sense of dynamism.I brush off the foil, shave it off, and do various things that I think are good at the time while looking at one accessory in my hand.Then, unexpected things happen and interesting expressions appear.


Do not hesitate.Hesitation will always show in the finished look.It is natural that each one is different. That is good. It is the same with human beings. Everyone has their own individuality. Everyone is different. That is good. That's what makes it interesting. It is impossible for everyone to be the same. That should be true for both things.

People, things, and events are the one and only in the universe. I really hope that this commonplace will become commonplace. I truly believe that most of our problems would be solved if this were the case.

Now, putting my ideology aside, let's get back to the brooch.


I like Buddha images.The ideal of this black and gold leaf brooch is also an old, old Buddha image.The unique rich expression and atmosphere of the wax Buddha image, which was shiny with gold leaf when it was first made, but is now blackened with peeling gold leaf and soot.The expression and atmosphere of the statue was not created with the intention of making it, but was the result of the activities of daily life over time and over time.

In order to reproduce them, the same amount of time and effort of daily life may be necessary. However, I don't have that kind of longevity, so I enjoy what I am doing now.


A red brooch like a passion rose.It is simple but quite eye-catching.This one has a counteracting effect, with the color evoking strength and the rough texture of the Japanese paper evoking gentleness.

I'm so glad the washi brooch turned out okay!

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