Washi apple object


The warm weather is continuing. That alone is enough to make me feel excited. We have decorated our atelier with spring-like flowers.


Peach blossoms are also blooming a lot. They smell good. Caterpillars made of Washi also came close.


Framed digital art. Inkjet print on handmade Washi. You can't tell from this photo, but the gentle texture of Washi blends well with the interior.


And the Washi apple object with the color and texture of handmade washi as it is. This simplicity is irresistible. Just by displaying it, it creates a soft and gentle atmosphere, which is a characteristic of handmade Washi.

Through these works of handmade Washi, I would like to spread the culture of handmade washi. No, we must spread it.

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