Sold Out: Washi brooch 1924P

和紙ブローチ 1924P

Hello everyone.I am Hiroya, a Washi artist.

Today I would like to inform you about the sold-out of Washi brooches and the plan to resell them.The smallest size of the popular 1924 series brooch in pearl white has sold out.In addition to its easy-to-use size and simple design that is easy to match, the lightweight design does not damage the material it is worn with, which is very much appreciated.The original coating ensures that there are no problems even when wet with water or sweat.

I wear the smallest size pearl white brooch as an accent to my ribbonless hat.These brooches can be stacked in different sizes and colors, and are popular as gifts for men and women of all ages. They are also often used as gifts for people in Europe and North America.

We are currently making the brooches, so please be patient.It will be ready by December 20.

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