Reproduction of sold-out brooches

Hello everyone, this is Washi artist HIROYA.

We are currently reproducing the popular Washi brooch 1924 series, which had been sold out. We are very happy to receive orders even though they are sold out.Now, I am slowly repeating the original coating I made for Washi accessories.

和紙ブローチ 1924シリーズ

There is still work to be done to apply gold leaf to the black. The gilding process is nerve-wracking. I believe that only human work, rather than mechanical work, can produce a natural expression.

Since foil is light, even the slightest unnecessary movement will cause the wind to drift and fly away. We move without making wind, breathe slowly and gradually, and move our hands at random to create.
I am nervous until it is over. Total concentration!

So please wait a while until it is completed.

Since everything is made by hand, we cannot mass produce. We will hold on to your orders, but please understand that the rest will be in limited quantities.

This was a story about Washi accessories that are made through a steady process.

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