Once upon a time, there was an unusual Japanese paper cushion.


About three years back.I appeared on a radio program for about 30 minutes and talked about washi accessories and fake leather paper. After the show, I received a line from an audience member.The person was a craftsman who makes and repairs chairs at a long-established furniture shop in Kyoto.(I responded that it was odd for a person to write to me for such a reason.)


We got along well with each other and wondered what would happen if we made cushions out of fake leather paper, so we tried it out.

As a result, it did not go well. The lacquer cracks when the Japanese paper is turned over at the end of the process. Personally, I didn't mind, but the company I was dealing with was a well-established company. If the big guy didn't shake his head, we would reject the project.

After that, it became my favorite product as well as an experiment. Now, it has undergone a transformation over the years and is creating a very nice view.

It seems to be somehow connected to my previous blog "Negoro" or not.


 Leather sofas also peel and crack due to friction and human use, don't they? The same thing happens to fake leather paper. I like unintentional changes over time. It has become my favorite cushion that ages with the user.It has definitely been a very good experience for me. I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had.

Now, I also offer fake leather paper as a material. Both handmade Japanese paper and lacquer are 100% natural materials. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in making products that can be used with care and loved for a long time.

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