Renovations and Moves

Good evening. I am HIROYA, a Washi artist.

Today, I am not talking about accessories again. I am talking about remodeling and moving to a new location.

Our house will be relocated during June, and the family business will be relocated during July.

The whole schedule is just around the corner, but we successfully completed painting the ceiling and walls today. These days, I spend my time doing DIY interior renovations in my new atelier until dark during the day, and then go back to my old atelier for normal work after dark.

When I do DIY, I think, "This is so much fun! This is what I mean. I haven't taken pictures yet, but I tried plastering for the first time. I might want to take it easy and build a house! I am even thinking about it. I am enjoying it that much. My whole body is like an abstract painting by Jackson Pollock.

Tomorrow, we will start painting the floors, and after that, we will move the air conditioner, and then we will finish up with the beautification work. This is the first time I have learned that there is a job called a beautician. As the name implies, I heard that a professional can clean up the place in no time at all.

Now, I have to pack up my stuff before I move in on the 22nd.

I've seen an increase in luggage since I first moved in.

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