Diary and a book I recently read, How to Train Your Observational Skills.

Hello.I am Hiroya, a washi artist who has been working hard to create new washi accessories, but I am repeatedly going back and forth.

Even though I am making them according to my image, there is still a difference between the design drawing and the actual product.I was making it as a necklace, but I thought it would be better as a brooch, or I thought it would be better if I did it this way! or "Huh? It's not good enough. But in any case, it takes time because everything is handmade, from the parts to the coating.But it is a fun and painful process, and I feel relieved when it is completed.

We are planning to hold more events next spring and beyond. To those of you who are looking forward to it, please stay tuned and enjoy it. We have not yet decided when we will be able to make an announcement, but we will do our best.Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Now, I will write a little about the books I have read recently.I enjoy reading, always carry a book in my bag, and read in my spare time. That doesn't mean I'm particularly smart or well-educated. I wish I could learn a little more.

My favorite genres are thought, philosophy, business, art, crafts, and picture books.I love reading because I can learn about ways of thinking and living that are different from my own and about the world.

Writing a book is quite hard work, so I think authors are serious about it. It's fun to learn about their personalities, and above all, I think it's more credible than information on the Internet. If I write a lie, it's the end of my writing career.

And I always write down sentences and keywords that caught my attention in my note-taking app.

Well, here is a book I read the other day.

How to Train Your Observation Skills" by Yohei Sadojima.

The book was written by a person of my generation, and I felt a kinship with his choice of words and his way of looking at things. The book definitely has the feel of the author's generation. That is also interesting.

Now, here is what I wrote down in the book in its entirety.

  • Originality without form is self-indulgence: I divide cooks into three types. There are three types of cooks to observe: (1) only dishes of the same genre, (2) dishes of other genres, and (3) society as a whole. Those who incorporate the observation of (3) society as a whole into their cooking try to update not only the recipe, but also the restaurant space and even the act of eating itself. Takuji Takahashi of Kinobu, a Kyoto cuisine restaurant, is a chef whose overwhelming powers of observation are both traditional and innovative, and whom I greatly respect. One thing about Takuji Takahashi's cooking left a deep impression on me. He felt that after learning the kata of Kyoto cuisine, he would become obsessed with details and put his shoulders on the defensive if he continued in this way. So he went on to learn other genres of cuisine other than his own and found his "favorite genre x cuisine" style. Although it has become commonplace now, "wine x Kyoto cuisine" is a trend that Mr. Takahashi created. In addition to this, he has continued to create more and more original ideas by changing the combination of "Noh x Kyo ryori" and "tableware x Kyo ryori". Mr. Takahashi also started out by combining French cuisine and Kyo ryori (Kyoto cuisine), a close genre, and then began to combine it with more and more distant genres. Originality is not the absence of a pattern. It is created when molds are combined with molds. It is how to combine distant molds with molds that creates innovation. That is why it is said, "Innovation is born from the frontier.

  • To face every person with a sense of a lifetime is to enrich our lives.

  • Such an obscure song united the emotions of people all over the country. Even if it was only for a day, they believed that they could stake the future of their country on the birth of a black president (Mandela). It is not logic but "emotion" that changes history. Emotions drive history.

That is all.

Hmmm...I have certainly created my own mold for Washi accessories. And I am always facing it in a constantly updatable state.I am sure that everyone is thinking about various things and living their life to the fullest.

I myself see "excitement" as the key word for the future of all beings.

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