Diary, "20210220.

Hello, my name is Hiroya Nakamura.

It was snowing yesterday and the day before, but today the cold has eased somewhat in Kyoto.

Well, today I'm not going to write about Washi accessories, but rather write about whatever comes to my mind.

That's because I'm working on a very big project for this summer, and I've been so busy with that and my normal work that I can't think of anything.

I'm the type of person who tries to avoid losing too much space.

I'm the type of person who wants to avoid losing my composure as much as possible, because if I'm in too much of a hurry, I can't reflect on whether I'm making the right decision. I'm basically a person who lives by intuition. "I chose my own path, my own way! I've been able to handle it, and I can handle it this time too! Let's just go as far as we can go! That's what I'm going to do, and I'm only going to look forward.

So today, I'm going to write my blog more haphazardly than usual. I thought that if I'm that busy, I should just take a break from blogging, but I want to continue, so I will. I'll be blogging completely for myself.

In January this year, we relaunched our global site. At that time, before 2013? I'm not sure if it was before 2013, but all of my blogs disappeared.

Almost 8 years of records disappeared with one click of a button. I'm like, "Oh no, I did it! That's what I thought. I guess I have to be careful when switching servers.

I think there are too many services in this world, and many of them are non-services. I realized once again that whatever we do, we should keep it simple. If the customers don't smile, no one will be happy.

That's why I'm working hard to get ready to create more and more exciting washi paper accessories and works! Please look forward to it!

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