Old Window

Hello. I am HIROYA, a washi artist.

Today is a diary.

Since this week, I have been working on painting the interior of the new location whenever I find free time.I don't mind DIY, but it's still pretty hard to work on a whole house.

And it's 100 years old or more, so the quaint old mud walls are like a sandbox around it. I can't afford to slow down too much, and I have to move quickly and concentrate on the work in order to make it in time, so some part of my mind is always on edge.


I love old things more than new things, so I get a thrill out of seeing tattered clay walls with natural patterns.

I want to make the space as friendly to people and the environment as possible, so I will do my best to make the most of the materials.

My daughter plans to attend elementary school just diagonally in front of the house, so I chose this location so that she can come visit me after school. It will be fun to have the children gather freely, even though they will not be able to work.

Wouldn't it be fun for parents and children and all the people involved to show and see how they work, to gain connections with people and society, to experience things, and to learn about various experiences?

I would like to take them on overseas business trips if I am able to go.

My dreams and goals are increasing at a faster pace than I can delete the ones I have achieved, so it looks like I may not make it in time, but I'll do my best. I will write them down here so I don't forget.

The old windowpane on the second floor. Cute. I wonder if this kind of glass design is still common today. But I wonder if this kind of thing was normal in the old days. The sense of normal changes with time. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, and as long as people strive for progress, it is a journey that will never end.

Excessive capitalism creates rationalization, and with the advancement of technology comes mass production, elaborate things are shunned, and fluff becomes good. And though the opposite reaction also occurs, mighty power and strength in numbers emerge.

It is certainly a convenient world, but I personally think very much that it could be more lax.

What is the right thing to do? I am not sure.

There are many things going on in the world, but at any rate, I am sure that I am enjoying my life today. I rode my bicycle for about two hours, going here and there to buy delicious food. It's a quick ride by car, but it's a good learning experience, so I like to look at things as I ride.

I like to keep things clean, but I'm having a lot of fun while getting covered in dust and dirt from painting this shabby old house. I think that people can get by in any environment these days.

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