Cherry pink washi paper accessories for spring

Hello everyone.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Kyoto.

In the nearby park, flowers other than cherry blossoms are blooming happily, birds are chirping happily, and children are running around energetically.

Today, I would like to introduce you to washi paper accessories in "cherry pink," a typical color for this energetic spring.

宇宙のリバーシブルネックレス 1704

Necklaces and earrings in cherry pink are part of the Space series. The space series has a chic impression, so even if one side is pink, the result is not too cute.

For this cherry pink accessory, I used original hardware. The reason why I decided to make an original is because even in this day and age of so much stuff and information, there were no fittings that fit the image perfectly.

揺れる宇宙の耳飾り 1706

For the metal fittings, I asked a fellow contemporary jewelry artist to make the prototype and cast it.

It's not Glico's Caramel, but it's reversible, so you can have fun twice in one. It may look like a plain piece of hardware, but the shape of the hardware is full of ingenuity.

宇宙のリバーシブルネックレス 1809

On the round frame of the metal fittings, round Washi paper is pasted as if fitting a coin. Although it looks round at a glance, the metal fittings made by hand are actually not round. So, we make data of the round shape, which is not round, and laser cut it.

The thickness of the round washi is 1-1.5 mm, but since there is no such thick washi, I make a washi base and paste it together.

The top (1.3 mm) is round-shaped washi, and the bottom (0.1 mm) is the thickness of general handmade washi.

When the thick washi paper is attached to the metal fittings, there is a risk that it will peel off or get caught due to friction with clothes or other objects if it protrudes beyond the metal fittings, so it is kept inside the metal fittings.

And the color of the hardware is silver and black. This makes it easy to match with your clothes and gives it a modern look.

宇宙のリバーシブルネックレス 1704

In pursuit of weight reduction, strength, and ease of fabrication, the original is the only way to go. It's simple, but we put a lot of thought into it.

Speaking of simplicity, last week I had a chance to talk with the fourth generation owner of a sushi restaurant that has been handed down from generation to generation, and he said that sushi is so simple that there is no room for error, and that he is always working on it with a straight face.

A handful of sushi per plate.

Indeed, the simpler it is, the more deceptive it is, since our eyes and consciousness only go there. Moreover, it's not just about the appearance of the food, it's about whether it tastes good or not. This encounter made me think again about how amazing Japanese culture is.

It's amazing.

I'd like to eat sushi.

...By the way, my idea of simplicity is not form or function, but the bare necessities that remain after eliminating waste.

宇宙のリバーシブルネックレス 1704

The other side of the cherry pink accessory is space, which is expressed by randomly scattering colored silver foil.

You can go chic or go vivid pink depending on your mood of the day. It is an accessory that gives a different impression depending on how you wear it, such as peeking inside a simple top or a collared shirt. If you think about it, the cost performance is also good.

That's the story of reversible space necklaces and earrings, twice the fun in one.

The earring is not reversible; the front is space and the back is fixed pink. You can see a glimpse of pink from the back.

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