Spring in full bloom...


Hello everyone.We will be able to upload our new work by the end of this month.Please look forward to it!

Now, let me change the subject.

Kyoto is crowded with spring tourists. I am worried about whether Corona will be okay with such a sudden increase in the number of people, but I guess the reality is that it is a matter of life and death in a tourist area, so I can't say such a thing.

It is hard for me, a person who likes Kyoto with few people, because I am back to the worst environment, but...it is still a relief that there are not many ill-mannered foreign tourists.

I read a local newspaper called Kyoto Shimbun. Many of the articles in the paper make me think that Kyoto is really made up of tourism. If tourism were to be ruined, it would be the end of Kyoto, I think. If there were a service that could be completed within Kyoto by people living in Kyoto, would it be possible to avoid dependence on tourism?

That being said, I think the quality of the crowds in Tokyo and Kyoto is completely different. I am not a fan of crowds, but I have no problem with Tokyo crowds.

So, I wondered what the difference was in my own way.As a result, perhaps the difference is that Tokyo is a densely populated city and Kyoto is a tourist city. The former probably moves to a destination or to achieve a goal. There is a constant flow of people. It is also speedy. If you stop, you will inevitably bump into each other. In the latter case, people stay densely in an area for a short period of time to sightsee in and around the destination. Moreover, everyone moves at their own pace to enjoy their own time. In other words, it is slow.

And these people move in unpredictable ways. They don't see what is going on around them. There are a lot of cars and bicycles on the streets, so it is really dangerous.

Kyoto has a long history, and no matter where you look, it has the characteristics of a tourist destination. That is one of the interesting things about Kyoto, but to be honest, it is also tiring to see so many tourists everywhere you go.

As mentioned above, if you take away tourism from Kyoto, what is left? I mean, the locals don't do tourism, so I don't think tourism is important to those who are not involved in tourism through their work. I think Kyoto will be eliminated if we don't create more unique and original attractions in the city that appeal to the people who live there, rather than being spoiled by sightseeing and history.

I wonder if someone could write a book titled "Kyoto in 2030.I wonder how people in the past have developed the city at the turn of the age.

These are some of the thoughts that I am having these days.

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