Not too recently, I read the book "Beautiful Folk Art of the World.


Today I would like to introduce a book or rather a resource for those who love handicrafts and folk art.The author of this book is Kougeisha, and his store is located in Yokohama.I bought this book out of curiosity, but I myself like handicrafts and folk art.


Personally, I did not find it beautiful as a book because the text explaining the works was too large, but it was interesting because it gave me a glimpse into areas and lifestyles that are not usually highlighted.


I believe that handicraft and folk art are things that are originally a part of daily life and necessary for living. Therefore, I think that rather than the technique being fully expressed, it reflects the personality of the person who made it, the character of the land, tradition and culture, and the lifestyle itself.

It may not be glamorous, but it is rich in flavor, and the history of its careful use is etched into it.


The thought of the person who made it, e.g., worked so hard on it! Careful handiwork! Such is the tradition behind this craft! ...These are statements that seem to be common in Japan.

Frankly speaking, I don't care.Maybe all the makers in the world are doing their best to be careful and hardworking in their own way.


I am more attracted to something that things give off.However, I wonder if there really is something in objects that cannot be easily released even if we want to.Something that thrills me the moment I see it.

But is that just my personal taste?I don't think it's something that can be simply divided into likes and dislikes.I am pushing forward today, praying that I can create something that thrills me the moment I see it. With my favorite handmade Japanese paper.

There are 334 days left in this year.If I work 8 hours a day, I have 2672 hours left. I have already used 248 hours.Everyone has his or her own way of thinking about the remaining time.Time that has passed can never return, so let's enjoy the "now" as much as we can!

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