Not too recently, I read the book "Dark Horse: The Age of Success for People Who Live Only for What They Love.

Dark Horse 好きなことだけで生きる人が成功する時代

 Dark Horse: The Age of Success for Those Who Live Only for What They Love" Authors: Todd Rose, Ogi Orgas Translation: Chizuko Oura Commentary: Yoichi Ito

If you like to be different, if you like to be told that you are different, if you like to follow the path you believe in, this is a book that will stick in your craw.

First, a brief introduction.

In the book, a dark horse is defined as someone who has achieved unconventional success. This is the world's first manual on the dark horse way of thinking based on scientific research. The biggest commonality among them (dark horses) is that they pursued "being their true selves (i.e., fulfillment)," and before they knew it, they had succeeded.

It seems.

From here, I will just list my favorite parts.

  1. The hardest part is not adopting a new way of is letting go of the old way of thinking.
  2. The passion that you create and kindle in yourself is something more fundamental. It is not only a constant driving force, but it is also a feeling of being alive as one's true self, welling up like a fountain.
  3. Certainly, authorities in their fields will know more about astronomy, landscaping, and music than you do. But the person who knows more about you than anyone else is you. And this "understanding of yourself" is what makes you more powerful than anything else, as these dark horses make clear.
  4. The dark horses are able to go all out on their chosen path because they each have a clear sense of purpose. They do not muddle through with ambiguity, gamble both ways to spread the risk of failure, or choose their path with the intention of raising an observation balloon to see where it leads. They are decisive in their actions. Because they have only one path to follow, the one they have chosen for themselves. Whenever you take a bold action, it must be when you declare to the world that you yourself "This is the path I am on."
  5. Get better at what matters most to you. This is the prescription for success on the individual axis issued by Dark Horse. This prescription also shows that fulfillment and success go hand in hand. Only by prioritizing fulfillment can you rise to the pinnacle of your success, and only by rising to the level of success can you experience fulfillment.
  6. To scale the mountain of success, we need energy generated by our own passion and a sense of direction generated by our own sense of purpose.
  7. A winding road is never a road without a destination. It is just not straight.
Dark Horse 好きなことだけで生きる人が成功する時代

If you are excited to read numbers 1-7, I highly recommend you read this book.

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