I recently read the book "An Introduction to Biology for the Future.


Today I would like to introduce a book.

I thought I would just skim through it, but as I read it, the scales seemed to fall from my eyes, and I ended up enjoying reading the book until the end.I am not interested in biology or anything like that at all, but I read it because I thought it was better to know about it than not to know about it since I am a living organism myself.

The author is a commentator on "NHK Close-Up Today" and a regular on Fuji TV's "Zenryoku! Dairiki Times" on Fuji TV, so many of you may be familiar with this book. I don't watch TV at all, so I didn't know about it.

Now, let me introduce the contents of the book. Introduction to Biology for Surviving the Coming Era" Author: Koichi Goka

  • However, one thing that can be said is that "evolution is the insatiable repetition of trial and error by genes = DNA," and this "continuous trial and error" = "continuous change" is the essence of living organisms and the main reason they have been able to survive over their 3.8 billion year long history.
  • The real meaning of evolution is the repetition of "trial and error" by living organisms, and it is only the natural environment at that time and place that determines whether the trial = change in form or nature is "right" or "wrong," and of course it is not up to humans to decide.
  • Nevertheless, the greatest characteristic of human beings is that they have the "spirit of helping each other" and are able to carry it out. This is truly a humanity. Animals have no altruistic behavior toward others who are not related to them (behavior that benefits other individuals by disadvantaging oneself).
  • The bullying problem is the result of humanity's loss of humanity and the eruption of egoism. If, by some chance, the proliferation of egoism becomes unstoppable, civilization collapses through nuclear war, etc., and human beings are truly thrown naked into the natural world.... Humans will be defeated by beasts. When we lose our humanity is when we collapse and perish. The very idea that humans are strong is an act of ego. Modern man is strong only because he has the weapons of civilization and culture. We are strong because we have delicious water and food. If all of these are stripped away and replaced by beasts, we will be the first to be destroyed.
  • While some may think that genetic engineering is a very advanced, all-purpose science, we must understand that it is in fact a delicate technology that must be handled with great care.
  • Genes are by no means a panacea for human life. Many environmental factors influence the process of human development. Nutritional factors such as food, relationships with friends and mentors, artistic factors such as novels and paintings, and so on - all of these factors can change our height, weight, and even our personality. Also, one's own efforts will also change one's traits and characteristics.
  • As a biologist, I believe that human nature = the characteristic of the human species is to recognize all kinds of individuality, to reflect those talents in society, and to create a rich culture.
  • Although the exact number of species inhabiting the earth is not known at this time, various species are currently disappearing at a rapid rate, and one of the environmental problems is that a large part of this is due to human activities. We do not even know whether this phenomenon is a "big deal" or "very dangerous" to humans.
  • In order for this country with zero natural resources to develop sustainably in the world in the future, we believe that one strategy is to attract the world with "uniqueness" and "cultural values" that exist only in Japan.
  • If we return to the global economy and resource-wasting society based on our former selfish desires, a new viral disaster will repeat itself. What we need to learn from the recent virus disaster is the need to return to altruistic humanity and transform our lifestyles toward a resource-recycling society that coexists in harmony with nature.
  • It is true that many people are aware of the fact that in recent years, many of the creatures we used to see around us have been disappearing, and it is normal to feel a sense of crisis at the speed of change. However, the important thing to remember here is that if the number of living organisms continues to decline and biodiversity is severely damaged, the people who will suffer the most will be the people themselves.

That is all.

What do you think?I am a person who thinks like you, Goka-san, and so I feel the above very real every day. I don't know what the future will look like, but I hope that everyone will be able to spend their lives with a smile on their face and excitement.

Nothing can change by the power of just one person, but if I don't change, the people around me won't either, so I will continue to steadily walk my path, which I believe is the right one!

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