I recently read the book "How to Think Ahead.


Hello everyone. I have a stack of books that I would like to introduce to you, so I will do so again today. I read this book together with the book "Inflation Inevitable," which I introduced the other day, and my understanding of both books has deepened even more.

Whether it is accessories, Washi, or any other genre of work, it is a fact that it is related to the world. So I think it is very important to think about what direction the world is going and what people need. And, as someone who is extremely curious, I like to know about the world, which is full of things I don't know.

I am curious about a world full of wonders, such as the strength of a dandelion blooming in a crack in the concrete.

While raising a child (a 5-year-old daughter), I wonder how long children remain innocent and pure. Can adults ever return to innocence? is my biggest concern right now.

I live my life idly, thinking about such things as "How long will children remain pure and innocent?

Well, let me preface this by saying. Let me introduce a book.

How to Think Ahead of the Curve" by Hideto Fujino.

  • Japan has been called "a country with advanced issues. The declining birthrate and aging population are already a certainty of the future, and there is no doubt that rural areas will be filled with vacant houses and the number of elderly people with dementia will increase. (omission) When I myself see the current situation in which "Showa-era old men" still clinging to old values and ways of thinking are still prevalent, I often feel that it is not the year 2022, but still "Showa 97" (the year of the Showa era).
  • When it comes to seeing things flat, I try to think of myself as a "stuffed animal" when I try to look at myself from a bird's eye view. (I believe that thinking of myself as a "stuffed animal" is the ultimate metacognitive method of "thinking of myself as if I were someone else.
  • I think we Japanese should value "like" a little more, in every sense of the word.
  • When asked what kind of company grows, I answer, "A company that keeps thinking about why.
  • I believe there are two kinds of people in Japan. One is the person who lives by the "minimize disappointment strategy. The other is the person who lives by the "hope maximization strategy. The "minimize disappointment strategy" is literally a value system that prioritizes "avoiding disappointment as much as possible" in order to minimize disappointment. (omission) Unfortunately, I believe that there are more people in Japan today who choose the "minimize disappointment strategy. I believe this is one of the reasons for Japan's current stagnation.
  • So I always say that it is not about "win or lose," but about "win or learn.


That's all. If you feel one or more of these resonate with you, please read on.


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