I recently read the book "Exercise Brain.


Anders Hansen, author of "The Exercise Brain."

Here is a book that makes you want to run without waiting to read it. I mean, it even made me think that I am in trouble if I don't exercise.

Fortunately, I usually walk or ride a bicycle instead of using a car as much as possible, so I think I'm still in good shape, but I still don't get enough exercise as far as this book is concerned. I have felt many physical and mental changes as I have aged, but after reading this book, I realized that I was not exercising enough! The scales fell from my eyes.

Now, let me introduce the contents of the book.

  • Increased stress, i.e., higher blood levels of cortisol, interferes with the brain's ability to transmit information, whereas exercise conversely enhances this function.
  • Stress impairs the brain's ability to change (plasticity), while exercise enhances it.
  • Increased stress puts a brake on the mechanism that converts short-term memory (memories of minutes to hours) into long-term memory, but exercise promotes the opposite effect.
  • Exercise should be done in the morning.
  • Running for 30-40 minutes three times a week.
  • Let's keep that activity going for at least three weeks.
  • The hippocampus is the part of the body that benefits most from physical activity
  • Books on "brain training" don't make you smarter.
  • Even a single exercise lasting only four minutes (this is not an optical illusion, don't worry) improved concentration and attention span, and it was also proven that a 10-year-old child could tackle things without distraction.
  • In order for children to reach their full potential, they must be physically active.
  • Whether at school or at work, the brain works more efficiently when working standing up.
  • Biologically, our brains and bodies are still in the savannah.
  • The reason why many modern people are sick in mind and body is the contradiction between "brain" and "our environment", there.


That is all.

I am sure this book will help you in your life.Please read it.

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