I recently read the book "The World After 5000 Days.


Today we have another book for you.

The World After 5000 Days by Kevin Kelly.

What is a Washi artist doing every day if all he does is introduce books? You may think, "What is a washi artist doing every day? However, I am currently writing a series of blogs about things that I think are more beneficial to you than Washi.

For example, I think it is very important to broaden your horizons, not only as a Washi artist, but also to continue your activities and to improve your creations.

When I look at the world these days, I wonder where the world...and humanity...is headed? Where do we want to go? I am not sure where the world is headed. It seems to me that we are pushing forward because we cannot stop.

I think that if we walk at our own pace, without making any excuses, we can see many things more clearly.

Now, I came across a book that predicts what the world will be like in the future, and I would like to share the contents of the book with you.

  • The most basic description of a mirror world is that it is "a way of seeing the world through layers of information about a place, superimposed on top of the real world.
  • While virtual reality (VR) is a virtual world inside goggles that do not allow you to see the outside world, AR allows you to see the real world through smart glasses and other devices. In AR, virtual images and text appear superimposed on the real world.
  • Generally speaking, technology is accumulative. Old things rarely disappear. Even in today's age of super giants like Facebook and Google, there are still small, husband-and-wife owned restaurants, and they are not disappearing, but there are more of them than ever before.
  • If we were to use a phrase like "the age of ________" to accurately describe the current era, what would be the appropriate term? First, I believe that we are in the first stage of the "age of AI" as non-human intelligence.
  • Some people imagine a time when flying cars will fill the skies, but that will not happen. One problem is noise.
  • The problem with NFTs is that they only seem attractive to those who have something that will continually increase in value in the future.
  • The most important point is that Japan is different from other countries in every aspect. (The difference in the Japanese way of thinking is power. The first thing that makes Japan different from other countries is that it has the philosophy that even things that do not move have life, and it has the sensitivity that not only rocks, stones, soil, and trees, but also machines have souls.
  • Japan has long excelled in the art of miniaturizing things. It is a way of thinking small to fit into small spaces.
  • I envision living in a very efficient city, with robots working on farms in the suburban wilderness.
  • Value will be created in asking the right questions. (omitted) I think people's work will become about asking questions and dealing with uncertainty.

That is all.

It is both frightening and fun, but I hope it will be helpful to you in the future.

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