Black story


Hello.I am Hiroya, a washi artist.

Today I would like to talk about black.I am not talking about the dark and black things that are causing a stir in the world, but about the most popular color of washi paper accessories, black. 

When I started making washi accessories, I used commercially dyed washi. It was easy to use commercial Japanese paper, but I didn't think it was easy for me to make something good, and I couldn't accept the fact that I could only choose from the options given to me, so I started to dye by myself through trial and error.

Moreover, some washi on the market, even if they are labeled "handmade," contain only a small percentage of kozo, the raw material of washi, and a large amount of pulp.

I still think about this, but I would like to say it out loud again.If handmade washi claims to be made from kozo paper, it should be made honestly from kozo alone! We should not be stingy with materials to keep prices low. It's the same labor, but don't do anything to lower the value of our own, our region's, handmade washi!" And.

Instead of competing to lower prices, we should be competing to raise value, to increase value! That is my theory.I have said what I want to say.

In order to create and communicate products that are honest and true to myself, I have started visiting washi makers, consulting with them, having them make the paper, and doing the dyeing and various other work myself.

So, let's talk about black.It's only black, but it's still black.Reddish black, bluish black.There are many kinds of black.Black lovers and color lovers have their own subtle preferences.When it comes to black, I personally like the feeling of black ink.


I recently ran out of black-dyed washi, so I dyed a new one.When dyeing, I mix in 0.1g units.Not only black, but colors really change their atmosphere by subtle additions and subtractions.


Therefore, we do not use what is sold in dye stores as is.The reason is that, as I mentioned earlier, you can only choose from what is available in the store, and the subtle differences in color can completely change the finished look of an accessory, so compromises must be made in the design.This is why I mix and dye various colors in my own way.

I believe that color has the power to cheer people up.I am sure that everyone has their own preferences and preoccupations, such as their favorite color or lucky color.

Even if you don't dye, just writing letters with colored pencils or regular water-based pens is surprisingly fun. It would be the greatest pleasure of this blog if it leads to a little fun that you can start right away, such as when taking notes at remote work.

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