Negoro Exhibition

The other day, I visited the "Negoro" exhibition currently being held at the Hosomi Museum of Art in Okazaki, Kyoto.


Negoro was the image I had of the fake leather paper I had made before, but this was the first time for me to see so many Negoro at once.Personally, I love the view of random aging, so it was a very good learning experience.I actually made fake leather paper with black and red Japanese lacquer, but I still think there is no substitute for the scenery that the real thing gives off. I was thrilled to see the taste created by people using it in their daily lives.


There were no catalogs for sale, so I bought a book on Negoro after I returned home.I think this is a very interesting exhibition for those who like old things. Now you can take your time and look at it carefully. There is also my favorite antique store "Blue Parrot" within walking distance (by the way, most of the antique furniture in my atelier is purchased from Blue Parrot).

Lastly, here are some photos of the fake leather paper I made some time ago.


Hiroya's "Negoro" fake leather paper

Our imitation leather paper was created by our fascination with Negoro.

The smell and texture of real lacquer.It is unbearable for those who do not like lacquer.

It is one of my favorite fake leather paper.

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