Warm Washi paper accessories as gifts for paper wedding ceremonies.


Over the past few years, more and more husbands have been asking for washi paper accessories, especially necklaces, as paper wedding gifts for their wives. I think they must be kind-hearted husbands.

For us, it is a special pleasure to know that you searched for and chose our products from a world full of products and information, and that our Washi paper accessories can deepen the bond between you and your spouse and help you smile.


Washi Pearls

I sometimes receive e-mails and letters from people who are so pleased with my work that it brings tears to my eyes. I believe that words have the power to make us feel as if we have met each other even if we have never met.

From now on, no matter how convenient and developed the world becomes, I would like to cherish above all the connections that we cannot see with our eyes but can see with our hearts.


Now, some of you may not know what a paper wedding is, so I'll just give a quick note.

Paper wedding is a custom for the first year wedding anniversary. Many people know about the silver wedding anniversary for the 25th year of marriage and the golden wedding anniversary for the 50th year. Actually, there is a custom for each of these years. The first year is the paper wedding ceremony.

Paper products such as letter sets and diaries are usually given for the paper wedding.

Paper products such as letter sets and diaries are commonly given on paper wedding ceremonies, because the future of newlyweds in their first year of marriage is likened to a blank piece of paper on which they write their wishes for happiness.

This is a ceremony with a very nice meaning. Whatever the gift, it is always nice to receive a thoughtful gift that has been chosen with great care.


Some people like surprises when they give gifts. Since it is the person giving the gift who knows the preferences of the recipient, we want to help make those preferences come true as much as possible.

The most important thing is to make you happy, so please feel free to let us know your needs.

We help people to give feelings along with things.

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