Changes in Washi paper accessories over time

Hello everyone. I am Hiroya, a Washi artist.

Today I'm dashing off to write about the before and after of my washi earrings that I've been using for the past two years. The reason why I am writing today is because I have recently started to be interested in cooking, and today I have to make spaghetti with meat sauce, etc. at my daughter's request. So I have to be home and ready by 5:00 p.m. Blogging is important, but it is of utmost importance to me because I think that raising a child, which can only be done now, is the most important thing, as the child grows up remarkably fast day by day.

Now to the main topic...

The image is the white type, but I have been using earrings made of black Japanese paper with gold leaf for two years. I like them so much that I wear them all the time except in the bath (I take a bath with them on a few times a year). It's like a good luck charm for me.


2 years ago (before use)



After 2 years of use (but at a different angle)


After two years of use, you can see that the foil has been worn off due to various kinds of friction (in my daily rhythm, turning over at bedtime is the most frictional resistance, I think). It is difficult to see in the image, but the Japanese paper part is slightly faded and shiny due to friction. The elements that are natural enemies of all things, including accessories, such as ultraviolet rays, water, sweat, sebum, etc., must have accumulated over the past two years, but I feel that the paper is quite robust. Once again, I honestly thought that Japanese paper is amazing.

I think these are changes over time. Personally, I have no problem with it because I like using it and I am a person who sees it as a taste created by natural materials and manual work. I think this genre is not for those who like industrial products or the cleanliness of a product that looks new all the time.



After repair after 2 years of use (but at a different angle)


Then, after cleaning first, the foil was reapplied and re-coated, as shown in the two images above. The foil was repaired to match the original design, making it almost like new. The gold is shining quite brightly.

I can always fix what I made! We believe in "We are the best!" so we are happy to consult with you about any kind of repair or change.

Many of our customers really care about people and things, so even if the item has been used a lot and is very dirty, they will often have it repaired rather than replaced.

It is more difficult to repair something than to make a new one, but it makes the maker very happy. It is one of the moments when I am glad to be doing this work.

Once again, we would like to thank our customers who always support us from the bottom of our hearts.

After repair after 2 years of use (front view)


Keep up the good work buddy Pierce!!!!

Let's hurry up and go home!

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