Many thoughts.

Hello. I am Hiroya, a washi artist who has recently been busy with carpentry work at the new location and preparations for the relocation of my company and family business.

This is another diary blog, but I will write it down for some day. So, there will be no introduction of accessories today.

There are many washi accessories that I want to make, but I am not making anything right now. No, I cannot make them.

The reason is that I am prioritizing to prepare my internal and external environment in order to retain my easy work environment and time to concentrate.

And now, moreover, the family business will be taken over as well. While also running the family business, I will be working in the same building as my father, who has the opposite way of living and thinking. I now believe that the most important thing is how I can first set up my work environment and make sure that everyone can have a good time.

This is an ishiemon I wrote when I was in the lower grades of elementary school, I believe. It came out of my parents' house, and I decorated it on the windowsill because I liked its indescribable expression. I believe that the most important thing for people is not whether they are good or bad, but whether they are fun or when I saw this one after a long time, I was very happy because I thought it was funny even though I was not good at it.

When I am creating something that I have created, I completely enter my own space and world. And I work on it honestly. I don't make things when I am in a soppy mood. Or rather, I can't. Maybe I am too serious, but it is one of my favorite things to do.

There is one thing that I am always more careful about.

I always try to move my hands in a completely blank state, while looking inside my own present. I do this even when I am making something that I have made many times before.

I don't care about making something carefully or making something good. I just want to make things that excite both the maker and the buyer. For this reason, I always look within.

I believe that although things do not speak, there is something that is conveyed to those who see them. What is it? It seems to be there, but it is not. I am not sure, but I think it may lead to the next story.

It is a story I read in a book, a story from long, long ago.

A Chinese emperor and a great man were talking alone. The emperor, driven by a desire to get ahead in life, tries to bribe him to take him down, saying, "No one is watching. But the emperor replies, "You say no one else is watching, but you and I are watching.

Knowing this story, I realized that things are an accumulation of what we do when no one is watching. I realized that even if no one is watching, I am watching myself and I cannot lie to myself. I think this way of thinking is also connected to introspecting myself.

I am such a person.

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