Have a rainbow

Hello everyone, my name is Hiroya, Washi artist.

The other day, I was excited to come to work today to see if I would be able to make progress on my new accessory, when I spotted a rainbow-colored light shining through the glass!

So I held it, even though I know I can't hold it.

I couldn't feel it, but it was beautiful to see the rainbow reflected on my hand as well.

It has no form, but it is certainly there.

The sense of presence also has no form, but it is certainly there.

The mood is also formless, but it is certainly there.

Sensation is mysterious, isn't it?

It is both vague and certain.

A person who makes things does not make things.

No, we don't make things.

When I can't make something, I don't make it, I just face myself.

I repeat the question to myself and just think until I get an answer.

But I have never failed to get an answer.

So, I think.

Inspiration, come on down!

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