Red and Leopard Washi Accessories

I'm Hiroya, a Washi artist, and I'm in a hurry to write this blog because I knew it was the day to update it but put it off.

 Continuing from the last issue, I would like to talk about the red and leopard washi accessories. The only developments are necklaces and earrings. Unlike the usual washi balls, these are flat, but since they are coated well, they can be used even when wet.

赤とレオパードの和紙ネックレス 1663

 Hello everyone. In my last blog, I mentioned that my favorite color is black, and my next favorite is red. My second favorite color is red. The red and leopard washi accessories are from the same series as the black accessories I introduced last time. So, you can combine them. I especially recommend them to those who like the combination of red and black.


You may be wondering where the leopard is, but it is there.

赤とレオパードの和紙ネックレス 1663

 The reverse side of the red one is leopard. It is reversible like Othello. The color of the metal fittings is silver and black, so it looks modern and easy to match with your clothes (By the way, the metal fittings are original and made from a mold. For more details, please see my previous blog "Spring is in full bloom, cherry pink washi paper accessories" for more information.

赤とレオパードのネックレス 1663

So, it is a must-have for leopard lovers.

This is a good choice for those who like leopard, but don't like the large area of clothing. It's not too "gauzy" to look at, and you can easily enjoy it.

 Actually, I had a lot of trouble deciding what to use for the back of the red. I dyed blue and other colors to match, but I couldn't think of "this one! I couldn't think "this is it! I am very good at inkjet printing on Washi, so I thought, "Why not print it? I thought, "Why not print it?

And so I settled on my favorite leopard.

 The reason why I am so good at inkjet printing on Washi is because I am also involved in the production of replicas of cultural assets such as old documents. In order to prevent further deterioration of the real thing, there is a job of making replicas of the same thing for display. This may be unique to Kyoto.浮世絵のレプリカ

The left one is a replica and the right one is the real one.

Replicas are made of very old items that are new but old, so they require precise manufacturing and color matching techniques. It may not be a very popular job.

It's a great way to learn about color and design because you can see the history of the product in front of you instead of through a glass.

It takes time, so it is not a job that can be done in a hurry, but I am doing it with a mission in mind because if someone doesn't do it, Japanese tradition and culture may disappear.

Using my skills, I decided to print a leopard pattern on the back of the red one.

 Now, back to the topic at hand.

This all black, red and leopard necklace can be connected to the metal fittings.




赤とレオパードのネックレス 1663真っ黒なネックレス 1660

When connected together, they become a completely different accessory.

This is a Washi accessory that you can enjoy a lot.

 I'm tired today, so I'll end this abruptly.

Thank you for reading.

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