Red and blue Washi necklace 2201.

とても軽い赤と青の和紙ネックレス 2201

Hello. Today I am writing about my new red and blue Washi necklace.

Since the establishment of the brand, I have never made such a simple plain necklace until now.The reason is also simple, and I thought it would be too ordinary. However, I decided to make one and this necklace is the result.


How is it?

It is ordinary....But, the presence of the necklace when worn is outstanding.

The length of the necklace, the size of the Washi balls, the subtle accent by tying each ball with the same color thread, the overall balance, and even the details that lead to the beauty of the necklace when worn because of its simplicity, were all taken into consideration in its creation.


This time, this red and blue Washi necklace was created with only the last remaining essentials, after thoroughly eliminating the superfluous.

The clasp is a sturdy magnet, so even the busiest person can put it on in a flash.The lightness, texture, and coloring are all unique to handmade Japanese paper.All of these characteristics are unique to handmade Washi.The weak point of paper, its vulnerability to wetting, is also overcome by muscle training (just kidding)..

Just like a newborn baby who is immersed in warm water for the first time and cries out in surprise, it will gradually get used to it. The rest is made with our original coating, so it is tougher than you might think.

By the way, I wrote "muscle training muscle training muscle training," but you might think that I myself do muscle training, but I don't do it at all.My blog is basically a series of words based on my thoughts.


I digress.

The advantage of tying each piece with a ball of the same color as the Washi ball is that the ball is accented, and even if the thread breaks, the parts will not be scattered.It would be a big problem if the threads were to break in a crowded place and the parts were scattered.It takes time to tie each piece individually, but the simplicity of the ball thread makes it a perfect accent.


As shown in the image above, we think it is fun to coordinate with Washi Necklace 2203 and Washi Earrings 1928. We have thoroughly thought through the size of the pieces so that they will be beautifully balanced when worn in layers.

We especially recommend this item to those who are a little reluctant to show off too much, those who do not want to wear the same item as others, and those who like accessories that are not a burden on the body.

This is the story of the red and blue Washi necklace 2201, which can be used for a long time without getting tired of it.

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