Looking back on 2021...

Mt. Fuji without a single cloud as seen at the usual place the other day.



Looking back on 2021, I think that I just went through the motions this year.I got into cooking, which I thought I would never do, and I have my own tools and cookbooks, I relocated my studio and family business, I painted the interior of the new place, and many other things are going on under the radar.... Of course, I am working hard every day on my Washi paper accessories.

Tomorrow is the end of the year 2021.I wrote a blog sometime early in the year 2021, saying that there were only 300 days left, but no, there is only one more day left!

Although we did not open a booth in any department stores or hold any events this year, we would like to thank all the many people who took the trouble to visit our atelier. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And to those of you who have always been so kind to us.Thanks to your help, we were able to survive this year. Thank you very much. Please look forward to working with us again next year.

For me, it has been another fun and gratifying year.Next year, I will continue to walk my own path, step by step, in my own way and with self-examination, in a direct and unhurried manner.I will walk my own path, which no one else will walk.

I wish you all a year full of sparkling excitement in the coming year.I wish you all a very happy New Year.

Hiroya Washi Artist

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