Pearl and pink Japanese paper necklace


Hello.Today I would like to introduce a new Japanese paper accessory, a pearl and pink necklace 2205.

It combines pink and pearls to brighten up your face. I think it is an elegant item with luster and glamour. The softness of the appearance may also be unique to Japanese paper.The pink temari thread used to tie each piece is also an accent.


Matching earrings are also available. The presence is outstanding whether worn as a set or individually. The ear ornaments come in different colors on the left and right sides. This accessory is especially recommended for those who like to keep it simple but eye-catching.


The image above shows a Japanese paper ball left submerged in water for a week. They are sturdy even if they continue to get wet. Incidentally, when soaked in water for more than a week, 2-3 of them sink under the weight of water.It is a rare environment for them to be left soaking in water this long, but you can see how sturdy our Japanese paper accessories are.

When wet, we ask our customers to wipe with a handkerchief or something similar.It is not difficult because it is a Japanese paper accessory, and can be used just as safely as other accessories that you own.


How was it?If you have any other questions or concerns about how to handle it, please feel free to contact us anytime from CONTACT page.This is the introduction of Japanese paper necklace 2205.

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